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We do an exhaustive survey with dialogue to ensure the best solutions to cleaning needs:
We identify your requirements. To do this we pay you a visit and go through your facilities. We discuss your cleaning needs. We determine which of our quality levels for each room.

We work out a co-operation agreement:
A custom made solution to your requirements will be made into an agreement, which will be signed off. The agreement gives choices to select or unselect details such as locking windows and doors. Special arrangements for individual needs are specified in this agreement.

The first three month is without commitment:
To ensure that your customized arrangements are satisfactory, we offer a trail period of three months. During this time you can terminate our agreement at any time. After three months we require three months’ notice, to the end of that month, to terminate. Experience has demonstrated this to be the best solution for all parties.

Sanitation standards for
the health sector DS 2451-12
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