The results count:
You choose the level of cleaning and we find the methods to archive and maintain the level desired. This is the core of Delta quality cleaning. We break with conventional thinking in the cleaning business which is focused on cleaning systems, instead of the results. We know that it is the results that count for our customers.

Four levels of quality cleaning:
Not all rooms and areas demand the same level of quality. We work with four levels from the basic to our highest standard. Together we choose the level of cleaning that fits best in every room and area.



Flexibility and optimal cleaning budget:
In traditional cleaning agreements, it is determined on which days the floor needs to be washed. We found that sometimes the floor needs to be washed another day. With Delta quality cleaning, the cleaning personnel will plan the cleaning according to the agreements for that level of cleaning. This provides a more stable quality control and a better utilisation of the cleaning budget.

Our customers get:

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Learn more about the we evaluate the levels of quality

The costumer states:

During several years, the Rødbyhavn department has used Delta Cleaning Company, and can only recommend them. The cleaning is, depending on level of activity and season, adjusted to our needs and wishes. Anita, who “swings” the broom, is exceptional devoted to duty and has not yet let us down.

Ole Jessen

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