Presentably Clean

Rooms cleaned according to this level will be highly presentable with a fine standard in the sanitary areas. Dust and dirt cannot be spotted with the naked eye. Hidden dust or dirt on top of e.g. picture frames or tall cabinets can occur, but will never be visible.

Quality control
No visible dirt will occur even in corners, on top of and around cabinets and behind radiators.

Typical additional choices
The following cleaning tasks can be additional choices:

  • Cleansing or washing of textiles
  • Window cleaning; cleaning of computers and telephones
  • Polish treatment of floors
  • Thorough cleaning which includes careful interior washing of shelving units, cabinets and lamps
  • The washing of walls, roofs, ventilation grids, roof lights and window blinds.
Sanitation standards for
the health sector DS 2451-12
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