8 good reasons

to choose Delta Cleaning Company:

1. Good personal chemistry;
We always introduce the new employee to the costumer. We check for good personal chemistry and choose the best employee for the job.

2. Skilled and experienced employees;
All employees have a high professional competency and are well equipped for their contracted jobs.

3. Knowledge and experience of the cleaning business;

We have experiences in various sanitation standards across many sectors of the economy, and adjust the cleaning needs to specific customer needs. For example DS 2451-12 that concerns all Danish dental clinics.

4. Low absenteeism;
The employees have a great co-responsibility and feel ownership for their jobs. All employees are hired close to their assignments. When there is illness amongst the employees, a substitute will be close by.

5. Cleary communicate in Danish;We take pride in having a clear and simple communication between our customers and our employees. That is why all employees speak Danish

6. Simple and quick decision-making;
Each customer has one specific contact person and one or more specific employees. It ensures simple and short decision-making and more efficient work-processes.

7. Social accountability in the local community
We acknowledge work efforts and qualifications, not all are able to perform full-time work. We adjust based on a special means-tested rating. This provides employment security and responsibility for a job well done.

8. The demand of orderliness;
All employees have a police clearance certificate. We also hold of a Children’s certificate if the employees clean in schools or other institutions with children.

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The costumer states:

At Synoptik in Nykøbing F, Maribo and Nakskov we have in a period of years and still have a fine cooperation with Delta Cleaning Company. We generally have been very satisfied. If we have had any objections on carried out work, the company is easy to get in contact with and they find a solution at once. The employees are well supervised by the company and know how to perform, are polite and responsive to any request we might have. Can only recommend Delta Cleaning Company.

Hans Møller, district manager, Synoptik Ltd

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